According to the World Health Organization, “genetically modified (GF) foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally. … In the future, genetic modification could be aimed at altering the nutrient of food, reducing its allergic potential, or improving the efficiency of food production systems.”

Children are constantly experimenting with the world around them using their imaginations to create things that are not of the natural world. That curiosity and experimentation has led to some great advancements within the human race as those children grew up and began to engineer the things they once dreamed of. 

Bioengineered is a series that was created in much the same way, a playful experimentation of the imagination that might become an actual part of our society with fruits and vegetables merged into one food product. Through the strong use of color and vibrancy, Bioengineered is meant to have an innocent quality to it that poses mature questions to the viewers that must be answered at some point in history. 

How far is too far?

What is acceptable for the sake of efficiently producing nutrient packed food?

Do the standards of efficiency and nutrients outweigh the possible negative side effects on the human species as a whole?

Is all experimentation good experimentation?