lttl 11:52... a week of sunsets

The sunsets have been fabulous this year. I mean practically-every-single-night blazes of glory. I had this brilliant idea to give you a week of sunsets. I took one on Sunday night, missed Monday because I was busy walking The Wonder Dog, and then it began to rain on Tuesday and hasn't real quit ever since until Friday when it pulled out of our neighborhood for a wonderful weekend. LOL! Isn't that life.

And then, I had this other idea that I would have a color of the month challenge on Instagram, because I am into red right now... or, well, I was into red for about two weeks. I was terrific the first week, I even featured a photo of a fellow party goer, and then... yep, I realized what am I doing? I do not have time for this, and really I'm not into red as much.

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I always seem to have these great ideas, and then they putter out one way or the other. I think the entire transition out of being a homeschool mom and into being..... {crickets, crickets, crickets}.... well, yah, has left me a bit for a loss.

Samsung s5

I have these brilliant ideas of what I think I want to "do" with my life next and then you got it... fear, fear, fear... pops up its ugly head and I begin to question, and panic. You'll notice my store still stands vacant! (Although I am working on it) I also have a pretty good handle on how I would want to run a photography business, but then again, well ummmhmmm I just sit. Crazy, I know.

Part of it is a real lack of commitment. Part of it is fear, am I good enough? Part of it is... well, I am not absolutely positive this is what I want to "do" with my life.

samsung s5

I also feel this real need to cherish every single moment of these next two years; my two babies are growing up. Blue Eyes will be 18 this year and Dreamer 16. One will be a senior the other a junior, so theoretically I only have two years left of being a momma. Oh, I know I'll always be a momma, but the real target in life, with your kids, is to let them spread their wings and fly so that the two of you can enjoy the view together as adults. I've seen this transition with others in my life and it is not always an easy one, so I am working at a graceful entry into this new realm we are heading towards. Most of all, I do not want to betray the moment with them by being so consumed with what to do with my life next.

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Next week I'll be back with our weekend adventuring of ATVing and why I think phoneography is a legit form of art.

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