Vianden Luxembourg... 3 things to take pictures of when traveling

Vianden was the first "official" trip we took out of Germany. I remember being a bit nervous about crossing the boarder for the first time. And then, I remember The Thinker, and I, laughing as we recounted that experience on our last trip to Vianden, in 2011.

Vianden is a quaint little village tucked away in the Valley of the Seven Castles, in Luxembourg. It was also the chosen place of exile for Victor Hugo. After visiting, it is not hard to understand why Hugo was called to the village. It swelled with soothingly peaceful alleys, tucked between crooked buildings, that echoed a history of time and stories into one's soul.

Based on some regrets I have about what I did not capture while we were in Europe, I came up with a few "must capture" moments of travel...

1. The little things. We all think about the big tourist things to capture, The Eifel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, but I wish I had captured more of the little things. Like, cups of coffee in Italy, street views in Paris, gutters with "look right" in London, and stunningly clean sidewalks in Switzerland. I wish I would have taken photos of the essence of a place, rather than the landmarks of a place.

2. My people. I actually have trips where I was so engrossed in capturing the environment that I completely spaced capturing my people in the environment. I do have "a" photo of us from every place we visited, but I wish I would have captured more of the everyday, moments. I notice as I look back through our photos that, in the beginning, when photography wasn't so much about capturing that perfect photo I did capture a ton of my kids just being a tourist. But, as I began to think more about creative composition, and techniques, those moments went away. Do not forget about the everyday moments.

3. The environment. I wish I had taken more photos of wine bottles lined up on tables at festivals as drunk Germans celebrated the season. Or, tables stacked full of dishes after a three hour meal as a group of friends departed for the evening. I wish I would have taken photos of umbrellas lined up in the doorways to stores, or people walking on the walkplatz in the rain. I wish I had captured people more in their environment.

When you are out exploring the world, do not forget to capture your exploration in the very tiny nuances.