friday randomness: 5 things to capture during each season

We took a hike last weekend. One of our favorite things to do, in the winter, is to traipse down a trail with fresh, unbroken snow.

As I walked in the silence, and traced back the years of our time in Europe, and the trails we hiked in the winter, I realized just how desperately I need, and cherish, the seasons throughout the year. I long for fall and spring, and I re-energize in summer and winter.  Every season, whether you love or hate it, deserves to be documented in it's entirety. Really, it is simple to document the season; it takes five simple steps.

1. Document color. I think it is easy to miss color, especially when you live in a monotone world during the seasons; brown for winter, green for summer, with only spring and fall to yield vibrant arrays of color. And, I am well aware that sometimes it is possible to live in a world that does not even offer a splash of color in the spring, or fall. However, I also think that color can be found in any season, anywhere if you look for it. True, sometimes you have to search color out in the minuscule purple flowers of summer, or the rays of a sunset on the horizon, but color is there if you choose to see it.

2. Document the ordinary. You know, those mundane things that you think will eat you up if your day happens to be the same as yesterday, and the day before that. It is hard during the monotony of life to remember that time does pass, and the years will fill with the changing of the seasons, and before you know it you will be two, three, ten years older, and you will want to remember what life was like two, three, five years ago. So, document the pot of soup on the stove, or the cup of coffee with steam rising from it... or, even document your cute wellies hiding in the snow.

3. Document the loves of your life. Those people, or pets, that live life with you. Document them so that you will have tangible evidence of what life looked like lived with them. Someday, someone will care. Whether that be you in the future, or your kids once you are no longer around, or your grand-kids as they try to explain who you were to their kids.

4. Document living in the seasons. Capture the moments lived that you do over and over: a hike through the woods, a run down the trail, a coffee date with your kids. Document those as well, and document them with the seasons showing. Show the spring crocuses lacing the trail in the woods. Show the new grass beneath the feet of your running shoes. Sit outside with your kids and take a photo of them in front of the brilliantly bright fall foliage. Do not just document life, but document to preserve the seasons. To document in the season it really comes down to changing your perspective.

5. Document the season. In all it's glory, document the season, which means taking a walk in the snow. Standing under an umbrella to capture a spring storm. Donning your bathing suit and taking a dive into the deep end, to snap away at the water, and the ciaos of the pool, on a hot summer day. Swatting away those pesky gnats, as you stop to capture the leaves as they glimmer their colors, on a warm autumn day. It is easy to excuse the season away due to the weather. But instead, embrace the nuances of each season and head outdoors to capture their essence.

BUT STOP... that is not all!!

I read the other day that, "this generation is the most photographed of all generations, but that they will have the least amount to show for it."  {I'm paraphrasing this great article... you should read it.} Why? because we document, and forget. We forget to download those photos off of our phones, and we forget to back them up. We have intentions of printing the family photos we took, but never find the time to do so. And, we throw the discs, and thumb-drives, in the drawer and forget, we forget about our documented lives. Document... but do not forget to print, in some from or fashion, make hard-copies of your life.

And, a February in review, using these thoughts.

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