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Spring has sprung here. Well, not with tiny buds, or blooming crocuses, but the weather says it is here. It is only a matter of time before the trees and plants follow suit.

{All edited with VSCO cam... I love the A5 filter right now.}


I had one of those mornings this last week. You know, the kind where you make the coffee but forget to actually put the coffee in the coffee pot. It finished brewing, and I looked over at it with bewilderment, before I realized what I had done. A friend gave me a great idea for when that happens again, pop in a few tea bags, and voila you have tea.

{Edited using VSCO Cam, and Handy Photo}

We visited IKEA last Friday. I have not ventured into an IKEA since we left Germany. It was so surreal to pull up to the looming blue and yellow building and to feel like we were right back in Germany, but not. My heart still lingers there, in Europe. We will have been back in the US three years this summer, but I am just now finding it bearable enough to unlock my memories of our time there. The grief is becoming better with each passing year, but it is still there clinging to my heart.

{various hand edits with kk-simple 45% at soft light}


We began a fun project this weekend, since the weather is finally warm enough to work outside in the garage. I'll give you a hint until I show you the final project. I was taking this with my phone, with icky hands, so do not mind the terrible photo ;-D.

I am working on another project as well. I have mentioned a few times already this year that I am a part of The Studio over at Kim Klassen's place. This last week we had a community meeting of fellow creative spirits, online, and boy, oh boy, my creative juices have been on fire ever since. Along with Elizabeth's question, and now this meeting, I feel as though I am finally making strides in focusing my photography. So, a few things are going to changed here and there, but overall I do not think you will notice it too much. If you do, don't mind the dust from a little spring cleaning.

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