C is for coffee

In an effort to learn more about still life photography I have decided to do a year long series of coffee photos. All of the photos will have coffee in them in some sort of fashion, and all the shots will be still life. 

Still life photography...the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically in a small grouping of objects.  

I do hope to post a few tips and tutorials along the way as well, but mainly it will be my own personal delve deeper into the still life world. I will be sharing most of my photos on my Instagram platform. If you do not already follow me there hope on over and join the fun at Lisa.Kerner. You can also follow along by searching the hashtag #coffeelovinbylk. 

cOffEe sOng

Call it obsession
Call it fanatical
But I am not trying
To make this a spectacle
I have this craving
Justifies behaving
I really need some of that

Ooo, good coffee
Strong coffee
I need to have some
Ooo, good coffee
Strong coffee

Ooo cappuccino
Double espresso
I need something with
A really big kick
You ask me about creamer
You ask me about sugar
I tell you those things make me sick
With my...


~I have found that in still life more is better. I usually begin building my scene with the basics... a piece of textile, things to create depth by stacking items, and color pops. From there I build until I am happy with the overall look. 

~I have found that when I am not happy with a shot, most of the time, simply shuffling my feet and setting up a new perspective will do the trick. I imagined this shot as a front on view, but really did not like any of the shots I took that way. It wasn't until I set up a top down shot that the creative juices really started to flow. 


~ I find that interesting backgrounds are really key to good still life. I follow a several still life photographers on IG and Flickr, and always their photos pull me in from the base of the photo (the background) up. I have learned that still life photography is about bringing the eye through all the levels of the image.  Goal: to purchase more interesting backdrops, and bases.


~ I chatted about dreaming on Monday, and doing change, so I figure I might as well admit right here, right now, that a huge dream of mine is to be published one day. In order to reach that goal I am taking a Lightroom Master class through Creative Live, and I plan to begin Photoshop classes as well. I have several classes on my wish list, and am excited about pursuing them throughout the year. 

What are some of your goals, or projects, for 2016?

I'll be visiting these lovely communities... join along...  Song-ography, and Little Things Thursday