Friday Randomness... a little lemoncello

~ Lisa from Peripheral Perspectives challenged me to play along with the 5 Photos, 5 Stories prompt... I thought it might be fun to do so over at Instagram. So, you'll have to head over there to find the story behind these photos. 

~ I am working on a couple other things as well, that I hope to announce soon... one in particular. 

~ The bottle is my Friday Find... along with the books and hanky that I recently purchased at a local antique/junk store. I really love items that have a story behind them; they mean way more to me than an item bought off the superstore shelf.

~ Today is my 21st anniversary. I am super excited to celebrate it with The Thinker this year, since last year he was away for our anniversary. 

~ Dreamer and Blue Eyes are almost done with school for the year. I sit back and look at my almost Senior and Junior and wonder how in the world did they morph from those tiny infants to grown people so quickly?

~ I am hoping to share a little of our Italy travels next Wednesday; it is high time I edited those photos. 

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