Friday Randomness... I love a good black and white, street photography, and architecture

~ I love street photography. Although, I am not very good at it, at all. I had a completely different shot all framed up, when my lovely hubby stepped right in front of the camera. So, I missed the shot. I did manage to capture this one, which I like just as well. Here's the thing about street photography. One, its not easy. Two, you have to have guts. Three, you have to be ready. Four, you have to train your people to stay behind the camera. LOL, which is hard when you are constantly putting them infront of the camera. 

THE GOOD... isn't she cute :-).


~ I am definitely in a photographic rut right now. I haven't practice landscape photography in a long, long while. My people skills are fading away. And, architecture, haahaa. I seriously need the rain to stop for a bit, so that I can work on all these areas of photography. I do happen to love the shot below though. I call it Self Reflection. Very deep, I know. 

~ Do you want to know the one thing I absolutely HATE about America? I did not even knew I hated it until we lived in Europe... can you guess by looking at the photo below? Nope, you say.... high wires. A photographer friend of mine and I were just chatting about high wires the other day. She agrees, the world would be much easier to capture if wires were not floating in the air all around. In Europe you do not see high wires. I honestly have no idea why. I'm sure there is a reason, but it's a photographers dream to live in a world where you do not have to set up a shoot around wires. {Side not... why don't you notice them in the photo below? I painstakingly edited them out.}

~ I know I have said it more than once, but I love, love, love black and white photos. This love goes all the way back to my childhood. I was always drawn to the back and whites. I especially tend to lean towards editing architecture photos in black and white. There is something about the contrasting tones of black, gray, and white that brings out the beauty of architecture to me. 

~ Sometimes though, I am stuck between loving the color version and the black and white version. What do you think... color, or black and white for this shot? I think in the black and white I notice the architecture more, but in the color I notice the sky more. 

THE FUN... because I could talk editing all day long...

~ I know I have mentioned the power of Lightroom before, but I thought I would give you a visual look at what Lightroom can do. And, in my opinion, so much quicker than Photoshop. The two programs are very much like my kids. I love them equally, but for vastly different reasons. I run most of my editing in Lightroom (except cloning) and I leave Photoshop for the fun artsy stuff. 

When I took the below shot I knew I could not get it SOOC, for various reasons. 1. The lightening was too harsh... time of day. 2. I was using a polarising filter, which I was too lazy to take off. 3. I just did not want to take the time to completely set the shot. 

So, I set the shot for sharp focus of the buildings, and new I could tweak the sky overall tone in Lightroom.  By the way, did you know that most of the dreamy oh-my-goodness landscape shots you see on-line, or in magazines, are stacked shots of various exposures and focus points. This could have been one of those shots, but instead I knew it would be rather easy to obtain the look I wanted in Lightroom. 

~ You do realize I am laughing at myself now. Why, you ask? A year ago today, if you told me I would be in love with Lightroom I would have laughed at you. I know, I know, I am shaking my head too, thinking "silly girl you should have tried Lightroom years ago". 

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