Friday Randomness... Let's Eat Yellow, or Not

~I realized I had more yellow photos to share with you. I was so excited about making my video that I had forgotten to edit these. 

~They all were edited in Lightroom, with mainly Presets, and a few tweaks; since I really loved the SOOCs, I did not have to do much to them. I actually really love the challenge of capturing a shot straight out of the camera (SOOC) and then editing to enhance an already perfect shot. There is nothing like the feeling of being happy with your creation. 

~I found those two forks and the hand embroidered doily, along with some other little treasures, at a local antique/junk store. I love digging through stores like that because you never know what treasures you will find. 

~I calibrated my monitor this week. I was so nervous to do so, but knew that it was a step further I needed to take to open my store on my site here, and to also venture into the stock photography world. I'm laughing now at my anxiety, it was super simple

~ Those shots are dreamy... I mean, I know it is tooting my own horn, but boy oh boy I just love how they turned out. 

~ I know what you are thinking! I told you I would showcase more of the pocket watch shots today. And, I made you guess what the theme was. Time was the popular answer; I knew you'd choose that. But, actually it was One Thing. I had to shoot one thing, over several days, in different environments, and light. I really was stumped on what I wanted to shoot. What would I want to make into a series? And then, I saw them sitting there by the front door as I bent to snap a shot of my yellow flower. I knew it had to be these pocket watches, they mean the world to me because they belonged to special people in our lives. On Monday, at Life Through the Lens I will show you the rest, I really love how they turned out. Until then...

And a special gift to you for this Mother's Day weekend... if you would like to download the full resolution photo simply click on it. Happy Mother's Day. 

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