Friday Randomness... the itch to roam

Oh man do I have it, the itch to roam. We have not "really" traveled for three years now, and man my wandering heart is longing to hit the road, and to find a new place to experience. 

The Thinker and I have a huge dream to be nomads for a year, two, three. I have no idea if/when we could make it happen, but until then we religiously follow a few nomads on social media. 

Gone With the Wynns are one of our absolute favorites. They are funny, entertaining, and educational all wrapped in one. 

Live.outdoors on Instagram is packed full of imagery that makes me want to hit the road every single day. (Click the image to link through)

And, because one of our traveling dreams is to visit all of the lower 48 National Parks, National Park traveler on Facebook is a must. (Click the photo to link through)

What about you? What are some of your bucket list dreams?