friday randomness... why phoneography is a legitimate art

I have been pondering an article, or many articles, that I have read over the last year about phoneography not being a legitimate form of art. Over the year, I have come up with five random reasons why I think phoneography is a legitimate art form....

Samsung s5

1. If you ponder on phone cameras just a bit, you will realize that they are no different than the first point and shoot digital cameras that emerged into our creative culture in the early 90's. If those cameras could be used as a legitimate form of photography, then why are phone cameras not given the same credit?

2. I've read the argument that the reason phoneography is not legitimate is that you have no control over the settings of the photo you take. Doesn't that fly in the face of the argument that it is not the equipment that makes a good photo, but the photographer?

3. Phoneograph will teach you a ton about light and perspective, if you let it. Honestly, I find it much more challenging to capture a quality photo with a phone camera than I do my big camera. I have to think about the lighting, and my perspective, much more thoroughly when I am using my phone because I can not rely on the settings to create the "look" I am going for. To me, any form of instrument that teaches you about light and perspective is legitimate in the art world.

Samsung s5

4. People are making brilliantly creative photos with phones... isn't art really all in the eye of the beholder?

5. Many feel that the apps used to alter a photo is cheating... but how do you distinguish that from Photoshop? If it is creative leeway to alter a photo in Photoshop then the same should ring true when a phone photo is altered with an app.

None of these reasons are too scientific, they are merely my thought process put forth on paper. And, putting pen to paper is also an art form, so maybe I am a wee bit biased in this entire thought process :-).

We went out on the ATV's last Saturday. It was a fun was to celebrate Spring; the weather was fantastically warm. I realized a few things while we were out there.


~Although it was a ton of fun, I am getting older, and I was extremely sore the next day from all the jostling around.


~Just because a puddle looks like a puddle, does not mean it is a puddle. The Thinker decided to try his fate with a puddle and as we capsized, and I stepped off I found out it was about three feet deep. YUCK!

~ It is way more fun to ATV in the mountains, or at the very least on an open piece of land. We were on an 80 acre bit of land, which wasn't much of a challenge after a couple hours. Although, it is nice that we have a place to ride, so I guess we cannot complain too much :-D.


Samsung s5

~The best part was finding this beach totally made out of old bricks. I would like to learn the history of the site. Was it a dumping ground, or was there a magnificent house laid out on that beach by a tornado?

~ I do love this lake, and would like to truly capture it someday. It is chalk full of old dead trees jutting out of the waters. The trees give the lake an eery feeling, which I love.

I'll be sharing more of our ATV adventures on my Instagram feed this weekend, come by and check it out.

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