Glacier National Park... a Photographer's Defining Moment

There are moments in your life, defining moments. Those moments when the scales are removed and you know the path you want to be on. They, are the moments that you are not waiting for. They, are the moments in that come at you unexpected and linger into hours, and then years. Those defining moments are the ones that you do not fully comprehend until you process them as a whole and realize with intensity of passion that you are defined: you are a person with purpose. This was that moment for me. 

It took me years to realize that our trip to Glacier National Park set me on a charted course. It took me years to call myself a photographer and believe that I truly was one. It took me years to admit that not only was a photographer, but I wanted to be one as well. 

If we could live anywhere in the world, and money was not "the" object that stood between home and living there, this is where we would live. On the North Fork, in Montana. Even as I write these words, tears fill my eyes and my heart builds with anxiety at the truth revealed. Yes, I have fallen in love with a place as much as Germany. I honestly did not think that I was capable of feeling home; I have never had a home, I have been a vagabond my entire life. To know deep within my soul what home means, and how it feels, and how throughly etched it can be in my heart, is mind boggling. 

I do wonder if my intense feeling of home is tied to my defining moment? Maybe, it is where you are defined that you feel most at home?

Ansel Adams is one of my absolute inspirations. His imagery is breathtaking, and the contrasting tones of his back and white photos are mesmerizing. He is an artist I would have loved to sit under and to glean as much as I possibly could.

It always amazes me to sit and watch the light change during a sunset. It is one of the best times of the day and I find myself entranced by the beauty of each stroke of the artist as the sun sets and the light shifts.