Life Thru the Lens 16:52... a little yellow for you

We are a growing community her at Life Thru the Lens. Last week was the biggest link-up to date, and boy oh boy that is exciting. I hope you are visiting with one another and connecting, since that is the real goal. I just love having you all at my cyber table. 

This week, in my life through the lens, I have a prompt I am working on for my photography/editing class.... music. Most of the photos coming out of the prompt feature music sheets, but since I do not actually own any music sheets, and I wanted to create something different including my outdoor photography, and because I love this song... 

©2015 Simply Living Photography

{Edited using Lightroom and Kim Klassen's Breezy Preset, then additional PS edits.}

I am working on a few other prompts as well. Can you tell I realized how much I missed my big girl camera. This is a little sneak peak of the next prompt I'll be sharing on Friday. Any guesses to the theme/prompt...

©2015 Simply Living Photography

{Edited in LR with a little crop and Kim Klassen's Still Preset... otherwise it is SOOC.}

Thank you all for your feed back on my portfolio, and my store. For now, I have opened a Society6 store that you can find a collection of my pieces at. I will be opening my store here on my site as well, but that is turning into quiet the challenge. Do not worry I am up for it :-). Until then...

I'll be visiting these lovely communities this week... join along... Texture Tuesday, Texture Twist, and Sweet Shot Tuesday.

I'll also be back on Wednesday for a bit more of our European travels. 

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