Life Thru the Lens 24:52... a food photography series

I am working on a new series in still life. I am focusing on filling my image fully from back to front. Which is not as easy as it looks. Well, not for me anyway. I'm also trying to cultivate the habit of viewing the image through a different perspective. I often find myself caught up in a photo shoot, so excited about whatI I have captured, that I prematurely pack up my items thinking I have the shot I want. Then I cull and edit my shots and I find myself wishing I would have taken the image form a different perspective. I can most definitely see the benefit of having my camera toggled to a laptop so that I can "see" what I am shooting immediately. And, a dedicated studio to shoot in would be nice as well. That way I could leave my set up out until I knew I had the shot. 

Someday I will have all of that. I think photographers, or any hobbyist for that matter, always dream of the perfect set-up with the perfect equipment. But, let's be honest and remember...

  • the best camera you have is the one in your hand. 
  • work with what you have
  • learn how to use what you have to obtain the shot you want

... if we could remember those three items regularly a ton of our photography covetousness would simply slither away into the shadows. 

My prompt from my class was gather (well, that was a while ago) and a human touch (current) so I thought I would combine the two. These are just the first few photos I have worked on, but I have a few more set ups I want to try. It's a good thing I have people who can help me out with this. Trying to be your own human touch in a photo is difficult at best. 

And these are my favorites... do you see the 3-D effect?

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What does you Life Thru the Lens look like???

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