Life Thru the Lens 38/52... let's continue the berry fun.

Last week, I share a few shots of the berry session I did while I was on my break. The first three shots were more for fun; although, that spoon levitation shot took me about an hour. The last three were my favorites of the dark and moody shots I took, but my favorites overall were the following. 

There is something about the bright berries on the wood background that sings summer to my heart.  Dark and moody are the "go to" shots in the food industry right now. I love that look. Matte of fact, that is the avenue I use most when shooting still life. But, these berries beckoned me to find the light to make them look airy and fresh. 

A few tricks when shooting still life....

~double-sided tape... I used it to make my hanky have movement in these shots. 

~props, especially smaller linens, and spoons (or scoops) of all shapes and sizes. I am currently working on building my collection. 

~toothpicks, and silly putty... both of which work terrifically when trying to prop something up. I actually did not have putty when I shot that levitation spoon shot, so I improvised and used gum. 

~a reflector of some sort to bounce light back into your subject. I have one, but I often use a plain piece of white board, or poster paper when shooting. 

~a defuser for your winder... sometimes when you are shooting your light can be too bright. I created a defuser with a piece of dowel rod, some cheese cloth draped over it, and string tied on either side that I can hang on a hook over my backdoor. 

~be creative, and think outside of the box. You do not always need those expensive, fancy photography tools to shoot. Often, there are ways to "hack" something to make it work perfectly fine. 

I'll be visiting these lovely communities this week... join along...Texture Twist, and Sweet Shot Tuesday.

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