Life Thru the Lens 39/52... a month in review

September went by in a whirlwind. I am left wondering where the days went, and how did we arrive at this point so quickly? You will have to forgive me if I am not too social at Life Thru the Lens; the transition to civilian life has been quite hectic, and overwhelming. I promise my life will settle down, at some point, and then I will be back to my normal social self. Can I tell you though, this community fills my heart right up, and is keeping me sane during this transition to a new life. Thank you!!

Through the chaos, there has been beauty in my life...

The best part about this week is... 

This girl becomes an adult this week. It is so surreal to think that my baby girl, our sweet Blue Eyes, is so gown up. She is an amazing young lady, and it is a honor to call her ours. 

{Side note... if you have signed up for my email subscription, are they coming into your inbox? The first one worked for me, after I rearrange my site a bit, but since then crickets. I thought I fixed the problem, but I am not sure I did. Can you leave me a comment to let me know whether you are receiving my emails, or not.}

I'll be visiting these lovely communities this week... join along... Our World TuesdayTexture Twist,  Mona's Picturesque and Sweet Shot Tuesday..  

Life Thru the Lens

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