Life Thru the Lens 40/52... just a little crazy

You know the feeling when you wake up on Monday morning with the thought that you have already forgotten something. Agh, well guess what happened to Life Thur the Lens this week? Yah, you betcha, I totally forgot about it among the boxes that we are unpacking from storage (after staging our house to sell) only to be repacked in the near future.

Life Thru the Lens took a back seat to the process of double, no triple, backing up all my photos, which is painstakingly slow.  I have them backed up on a cloud that, you guessed it, will erase all my content if I am not linked up for 30 days. And, guess what, our internet service will be sketchy over the next few months. I am secretly looking forward to the lack of service. I have a pile of books all ready to read. In the mean time, I am sweating trying to figure life out. 

I am posting over at Instagram. Some of you will remember that I usually have a Capturing Blessing prompt for the month of October, but with everything that is going on in our lives, I could not get things together to host it again this year. Instead, I am #findingfall all on my own. You are more than welcome to join me. My goal is to post a photo every day of the evidence of fall around me. 

Life Thru the Lens

1. Share your life through the lens past, or present.

2. Grab my button and link back to this page, so others can find our community.

3.  Visit at least one person and create a community with them through encouraging comments.


~All forms of photography accepted… keep it family friendly please.

~Anyone with any photography skill can participate… we are all learning and growing.

~Any camera you take pictures with is acceptable… the best camera is the one in your hand.