Life thru the Lens 41/52.... moving day

Exactly three years ago, to the day, we were doing this. Moving. Only, we were unpacking instead of packing. I actually think unpacking is so much easier than packing. With unpacking it feels like Christmas day; especially since overseas moves, or moves where you store your household goods,  are hard on the memory banks. 

The one thing that I think most civilians (well those who have not moved often) do not comprehend is that this stuff we have is our home. We don't have walls marked with growth charts. I have never seen my yard grow much more than three years, and so I have never seen a tree that we planted grow up and old. We have no roots, so this stuff is our roots. 

That is why when our mover looked straight in our eyes, and told us that all our furniture pieces would be placed on a truck with no protection, we decided we loved our stuff and would pack (and move it) ourselves. Every pound of it. 

We have moved ourselves before, but both times we were a much lighter family. Now, we are 22 years down the road, with two grown kids, and tons of memories etched into each piece of furniture we bought in Europe; the pounds are much heavier. 

There is a phrase we military use when consoling one another during a PCS season...  "hope you have a smooth move." It comes from a briefing we all have to attend before the packing, and taping, and filling of suitcases happens. But, this move, this transition into a new life, has been nothing but smooth. It has been rough, and bumpy, and life jarring.

However, I am thrilled to be on it. I'm excited to move on to new adventures. I'll miss this life terribly, but I feel like everything that goes wrong with our transition is the knife cutting the apron strings deeper. This week was it. It was the moment when we both felt the release, the snap of the string finally giving way to the sawing back and forth. It was the moment the head packer looked in our eyes and we, the Thinker and I, both knew we were done with this life. 

We are ready to move on. 

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