Life Thru the Lens 44/52... finding fall

Fall is my favorite season of the year. From the cool crisp days, to the whisper of the leaves as they tumble to the ground, fall brings solitude to my soul.

Fall is the season that brings a tangible meaning to the word hope in my life; it is no coincidence that the Creator who splashes the earth with color would chose to begin our new journey in this season. 

#findingfall on Lisa.Kerner... click through to see more on Instagram.

#findingfall on Lisa.Kerner... click through to see more on Instagram.

And so, during the chaotic stress of transition I began to seek out fall, to find hope. When my mind wonders to the unknown of our future... where we will we live next? when will we find a new job? what will our new life look like?... that is when I choose to be purposeful in the hunt for the evidence of faith. 

A waterfall cascading among the turning leaves. 

Mustard yellow marking the bark of the change of the season. 

A river gushing with the rush of color.

The echo of the rustle of the pines in the wind.

The smell of new rain trickling down the needles of the giants standing guard over the river. 

Hope comes in many forms, if you have the faith to see it. 

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