Life Thru the Lens 47/52... look how far you have come baby

Last week I chatted about why I am no longer allowing my photography to categorized as cheap, and this week I want to see just how far I have come with my work. I took this photo of my Blue Eyes five years ago...

And, I took this photo a month ago...

While the top photo certainly is not a terrible photo, at the time I did not know anything about...

  • back button focusing
  • specific focus points
  • shooting in RAW
  • shooting in manual
  • metering
  • white balance
  • lenses, or f-stops, or depth of field
  • editing

I was, however, beginning to pay attention to...

  • light
  • composition
  • obtaining a tack sharp focus, although it being automatic
  • shooting during the golden hour
  • capturing the spirit of the person being photographed

I could look back at that photo and cringe, but I don't. I don't because that was the beginning of where I am today. We all are on a journey, and as Kim Klassen said, "We all will always have people ahead of us in our journey, and behind us."

So, my challenge to you... do not look at someone else's work and think I could never do that!  I have watched as members of our Life Thru the Lens community have grown in leaps and bounds in their skills. You know what? It's not because of what I do here. It is because of what you do behind the lens, your desire to learn more, and to grow in your passion of photography. 

My next challenge to you.... do not make this about anything other than "what you can't not do!" I have spent years comparing my images to others, or struggling to make my work look like someone else's. It wasn't until I decided that I would do this: no matter if I ever make money at it, no matter if I ever become someone in this industry, no matter if people love my art or not, that I truly began to grow in my art. When we take all the pressure off to be something we allow room for passion to grow. With passion comes the desire to learn more and the try more. And, through our desire to learn more, and to try more, we grow in our abilities. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing holding us back. We give ourselves the freedom to simply immerse our souls into something that brings us joy and blessing. That is okay, we do not always need to have an absolute reason for doing things in our lives. 

And, my final challenge to you... join in on this community and join in on other communities. Being involved in communities where you are inspired, and encouraged, and challenged is another way to grow your abilities in any art. Life Thru the Lens is not a measure to get my name out there. It is a community that inspires me to be more, to learn more, and every week you all inspire me with the art your produce. I do this because I love being involved with you all.

 I'll be visiting these lovely communities this week... join along... Trough My Lens Monday, Our World TuesdayTexture Twist,  Wednesday Around the World, and Sweet Shot Tuesday


1. Share your life through the lens past, or present.

2. Grab my button and link back to this page, so others can find our community.

3.  Visit at least one person and create a community with them through encouraging comments.


~All forms of photography accepted… keep it family friendly please.

~Anyone with any photography skill can participate… we are all learning and growing.

~Any camera you take pictures with is acceptable… the best camera is the one in your hand.