Life thru the Lens 6/52... WWI in Kemmel, Belgium (Part I)

I decided to share a throw back today because I have not had a ton of camera time these last few weeks. And, because I have not shared most of our last few years of travel in Europe. To be honest, most of the pictures of our trips still lay in their folders unedited. It wasn't until this last year that I was able to look through them without being tumbled back into the deep abyss of grief over having to leave Europe. I loved, no, I love Europe immensely. 

We took several trips during our last year in Germany, but one of my favorites was our Belgium circle. During our time in Europe we toured WWII sites extensively, but lacked in visiting WWI sites. So, in an effort to fix that problem, we took a long weekend and toured through some of the Belgium WWI countryside. Our trip took us through Gent, Kemmel, Yprese, and then Brugge. 

It's important to place your feet on a historical moment, to intertwine your soul in the tangible pieces of what was. In doing so, the vales of a time past are released and one is able to feel the emotion of what was. 

We began our trip in the trenches...

I find it necessary to find beauty where death prevailed. It's in the beauty that we overcome the sadness of war, and honor the lives of those lost. Because, when all is said and done and the horror of war is swept away all the bodies buried were someones loved one.

Come back next week for Part II of our Belgium weekend getaway. Until then..... 

I have been steadily working on culling and editing photos to begin my Etsy shop, once again. I have decided to focus on fine art card(s) and fine art print(s) all in the square. I really love Instagram's square format, so I decided to be inspired and head that way for my store. It will be up and running by the end of this month. 

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