LTTL... 14:52 a little honest color

I'll be honest, since moving back from Europe, winter is hard for me. Some of you know my story from my old place at Four Simply Living, but I three years later I still struggle with leaving abundant color and delving into a world of brown, and then green. During those monotonous months of singular color it's a battle to thrive. I find it easy to lose focus, and to wallow in the "what if's" of life. But then, spring and fall arrive and I am revived with a new spirit of motivation, and an urgency to make up for those lost months. 

This winter was much better for me; my struggle was much shorter, only hitting hard those last few weeks of winter. I believe part of that is very much due to this Life Thru the Lens community. You fill my heart right up, and I thank you for that!! The other part is that I chose not to wallow as much this year. I chose to try to capture the seasons with intent... my new by-line... and when you choose joy over wallowing, joy (eventually) wins out. 

Happy Spring Friends!

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Peach Spring ©2014 Simply Living Photography

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