Life Thru the Lens 11/52... WWI in Belgium, the final push, Ypres (Leper) Belgium Part IV

We are back to Belgium for our final push of our World War I weekend tour. We ended our tour at Ypres (or Leper) Belgium. The main reasons we wanted to visit Ypres was to visit: the Tyne Cot British cemetery that lies just outside of the village, the Sanctuary Wood Trenches, the Canadian Memorial, The Changing of the Guard at Menin Gate,  the Ypres fortress and ramparts, and the Flanders Fields Museum. We managed to pack that all into a day and a half, but by far the best part was the Changing of the Guard at Menin Gate. 

The Good...

While I did take photos at the beginning of the ceremony, I videoed the ceremony itself. I think it is important to video when you tour, just as much as it is important to capture the moment in photographs. 

Unlike photographs, when you video you are able to capture not just the culture of a place but the tiny nuances such as sounds, dialects, and the general feeling of a place, or event. Photos would have never captured the all consuming feelings of deep honor, and tradition, that the ceremony evoked. 

The Random....

The red poppy was the first flower to spring new life in, and around, the battle fields and cemeteries of Flounders. It is as much symbol of hope and new beginnings, as it is a symbol of the lives lost. At the American cemetery in Normandy, we were told that the first flower to bloom on a gravesite is the poppy. I do not know if that is truth or myth, but I do like the thought of the delicate petals flowing in the breeze that blankets the land during spring; the poppy is a reminder that good can spring forth from tragedy. 

The Fun...

The Tyne Cot British Cemetery, and the Canadian Memorial, were some of the most stunning and well maintained cemeteries we visited. Each gravesite was beautifully planted with colorful gardens and every single headstone was perfectly straight. We were quite overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. 

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