Life Thru the Lens 25:52... a throw back to Venice, Italy... and tips

{A little side note first... for my regulars. You know when life throws you a curveball that you were not expecting and you fill the sting of the impact because you did not dodge it? Yah well, last week threw us one. All the sudden my plate is overflowing with things I need to get done. So, in an effort to put my focus where it needs to be right now, I am going to be taking a month off of my blog. But hey, that means a summer break... woohoo. I'll be back right around the first of August.}

One of our lasts trips in Europe was to Italy. While there, we stopped in Venice for a day to explore the canals and and wander the zigzagging sidewalks. Venice is a charmed city, vibrant and full of character. 

The few days we spent in Italy were excruciatingly hot, so unfortunately I do not feel as though I truly experience everything I wanted to. I was so encumbered by the heat, I forgot simple things like drinking a real Italian espresso at a tiny cafe; who wants to drink hot espresso on a 98 degree day?

I am just now editing photos from Europe, yes, three years later. My grief at leaving the continent was so heavy that to even look at these photos brought tears to my eyes. Now that the grief has subsided, I look back on them with fondness and happy memories. And, while I forgot the little things, I definitely captured the big things like: life, culture, landscape, and color. 

Venice is one of those cities where a day simply isn't long enough to truly enjoy it. In a day you cannot explore every island surrounding the city, nor can you wander ever little walkway and path leading to new courtyards and canals. I would have loved to spend a week there just walking and exploring. 

Venice is a photographer's dream. It literally is a city with a view no matter which direction you face. From the vibrant colors, to the textured walls of the buildings, the people, the vistas, the flowers and gondolas... Venice was a thousand (plus) shot day for me. 


Do not go in the heat of the summer... it's hot, and more expensive

We did not take a gondola ride, I do not regret it. They are expensive, and you can see what they see on foot.


Do wear good shoes.. flip flops are not recommended, instead wear a sturdy pair of sandals.

Do wander the canals and sidewalks... away from the major touristy stuff.

Do pay for (local not touristy) meals. The food in Italy is worth the cost. 

Do eat gelato... lots of it. 

Do interact with the people, they were boisterous and fun.

Do get on the water somehow... we used the water buses.

Do stay overnight in Venice... I wish we would have splurged for this. 

Do stay longer than one day. 


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~ Lisa from Peripheral Perspectives challenged me to play along with the 5 Photos, 5 Stories prompt... I thought it might be fun to do so over at Instagram. So, you'll have to head over there to find the story behind these photos. 

~ I am working on a couple other things as well, that I hope to announce soon... one in particular. 

~ The bottle is my Friday Find... along with the books and hanky that I recently purchased at a local antique/junk store. I really love items that have a story behind them; they mean way more to me than an item bought off the superstore shelf.

~ Today is my 21st anniversary. I am super excited to celebrate it with The Thinker this year, since last year he was away for our anniversary. 

~ Dreamer and Blue Eyes are almost done with school for the year. I sit back and look at my almost Senior and Junior and wonder how in the world did they morph from those tiny infants to grown people so quickly?

~ I am hoping to share a little of our Italy travels next Wednesday; it is high time I edited those photos. 

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