Still Life

A New Year, A Still Life Project and One Word

Three Steps to a New Year...

Step One: Reassess

At the beginning of every new year I take a look through my archive of photos to reassess things: where I need to improve, where I have improved, and to acknowledge just how far I have come. It is easy to view the work of other photographers and think that I will never measure up.  When we lose ourselves in the comparison game we cannot see how much we have accomplished. 

New Year Coffee | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner - Simply Living Photography

Step Two: Direction

I also choose a word to give me direction for the new year. This is something I do not take lightly, pondering it the entire month of December. In 2015, my word was ACTION. I took control of my art, and who I was, and focused on what journey I wanted to take as an artist instead of following other peoples ideas of who they thought I should be. In 2016 my word was two fold DOING-CHANGE. With that, I chose to dive deep into the photography world to learn new techniques, to sharpen my knowledge of editing and to evaluate just where it was I wanted to be in this community. It was a year of learning how to wear the words "I am a photographer" with confidence and poise.   

New Year Coffee | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner - Simply Living Photography

Step Three: Goals

This year, my one word is CREATE. This is the year to step out and be bold in what I create. To put my art out in the world unabashedly. I have a few goals I want to pursue this year, ones that I will share over the next few months, but my first goal was to enroll in the AWAKE course (which I did) taught by Sebastian Michaels. It is an artistic photography course that is only open twice a year to those who have taken Photoshop Artistry. If you want to improve your Photoshop knowledge I highly recommend Photoshop Artistry. My second goal, was to recreate my site and to make it a bit more professional looking. Take a look around, I am quite happy with how my new place looks. I will be adding a portfolio to my home page. (The pages are there, but not up and running yet.) Through that portfolio you will be able to purchase my art work. I also wanted to streamline the look of my blog. From now on, instead of links to the side that highlight different items I use in my photography, I will be linking to those items directly in my blog posts. My third goal, was to recreate my social media platforms. I have already begun that work over at Instagram by curating my feed, and if you hop on over you will see that my Facebook Page is live again, but now it's more representative of what I am about as an artist. My forth goal, was to choose a project and stick with it through the entire year. 

New Year Coffee | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner - Simply Living Photography

Once again, I am choosing coffee. I chose it last year, but I tapped out somewhere in the middle of February. Longevity is a challenge; I have yet to master it in my photography skills. Somehow, I think Pablo Picasso already summed up my command of longevity by saying, "It took me a lifetime." I think this skill will always be a work in progress. {Smile}

New Year Coffee | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner - Simply Living Photography