The Beauty of Art and Breaking the Rules

To me the beauty of art is that, as the artist, you can take any creative measures you want. Sure there are rules in art, but when it comes to creativity, rules are always meant to be broken. Every new area of art is an example of this thought process. Realism, to Impressionist, to Post-Impressionist, you can clearly see the rules breaking for the creation of art. 

The same holds true for photography. There are rules when taking photos, rules when editing photos, but ultimately it is all up to the vision of the artist on what rules to follow, or to break. I break rules all the time, and I LOVE it. It is in the rule breaking that I find myself to be the most creative. 

“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.” ~Ansel Adams

There are those that see the above shot as cheating with editing. Some people have said that editing a photo at all is cheating. All photos over the lifespan of photography have been edited, and manipulated. The darkroom was the place to manipulate photos through the exposure of light to the image before digital photography took over the world. And now, digital processing is the new rule breaking generation to create an entirely new era of photographic art. 

The number one rule of rule breaking... do not lie about it! Own it. Be proud of it, but do not try to pass off edited photos as "what the eye sees" photos. Technology has made people incredibly smart and they know a scam when they see one. All of these photos are mine, and are heavily edited because I LOVE the editing process, the creative freedom in shaping beauty. 

"It's not what you see, but what I want you to see." ~Ansel Adams

Life Thru the Lens 35/52... Devils Tower National Monument

Last week I gave you a sneak peek at a little adventure we went on, but I didn't tell you where it was. If you guessed Devils Tower, in Wyoming, you are correct. You'll notice no apostrophe, which is correct. 

The Random...

The Tower is not only a NP Monument, it was the first National Park Monument. The proclamation to declare it a national monument accidentally left out the apostrophe in Devil's Tower. The form was signed with no apostrophe, and the official name Devils Tower was set in history.

Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

The Good...

~ The best view of Devils Tower is from the backhand side accessible on a dirt road off to the left when heading up to the visitor center. 

Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography
Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

~ There are four main hikes in the area Tower Trail, Red Beds, Joyner Ridge, and Valley View. 

Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography
Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

~ You'll notice colored pieces of cloth tied to the trees around Devils Tower because it is a sacred Lakota sight.  

Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

We really lucked out as we were exploring the nearby trail to decide if we wanted to come back and hike it, a storm rolled in. Matt Kloskowski said, "if there is something interesting in the sky, take the picture." He further went on to explain that those landscape shots that stop you in your tracks almost always have a great sky, not just an interesting subject. 

I began to ask myself why I loved a particular landscape shot, and found out that Matt was right, it always had a terrific sky. So, when this storm rolled in I knew I had to stay and try to capture the clouds. 

Devils Tower National Monument | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Tips for visiting Devils Tower...

~ Devils Tower is a nice little day-trip from Rapid City. Or, you can catch it on the way to (or from) Yellowstone. 

~ Your National Park Pass works here, hurray. 

~ Devils Tower is open year round. Except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. We especially love it covered in a new blanket of snow.

~ Be sure to hike around the base of it; It is intriguing to see how the formation looks from each side. The base hike is paved all the way around to make it accessible for everyone.

~ We went left on the hike, which I advise because it saves the best for last.

~ Be on the look out for animals while you trek around the base of the Tower; we saw a momma deer and her twins on our hike.

~ While hiking, look up. Devils Tower is a popular mountain climbing spot and most days you can see several climbers on the surface of the Tower. We chatted with a couple hikers on the path. They advised to come early if you want to see them, because they usually descend the mountain before the surface gets too hot. 

~ Visit the visitors center and get those National Park Passports stamped, but also take a look around. I thought they had a rather nice gift shop.  



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