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Life Thru the Lens 29/52... And, Life Gets a Little Crazy

The Good...

All of the sudden we have been super busy at our house. There are finalizations to be made on a forever home being built. Dinners, and long over due heart connections with old friends. College paperwork for Blue Eyes to be filled out. Scheduling of a senior year for Dreamer.

Whooh, we went from a summer slumber to living life at warp speed. 

Spearfish Fall South Dakota | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner

The Random...

I have been so terribly busy that I have not been able to stop by your blog neighborhoods for a visit. One of the things I look forward to each Sunday is sitting down with a nice cuppa something and visiting all the many worlds you live in. I promise I'll be by this week to catch up and to see your Life Thru the Lens. 

Spearfish Fall South Dakota | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner

The Fun..

I had a photo featured over at Albom Adventures.  Rhonda is writing a series of blogs on Street Art Around the World. It is a really fun interesting series, so be sure to hop on over and see this weeks entries from Canada and America. 

Spearfish Fall South Dakota | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner
Spearfish Fall South Dakota | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner



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Life Thru the Lens 5/52... life on the trail

The Good....

The Thinker and I missed hiking. For three years we lived in a place that did not have trails easily accessible to us. After living in Germany for seven years, where we could walk out our backdoor and find a plethora of trails to explore, it was painful to live in a place without that option. We are both outdoor people and there is nothing like a long hike to clear our minds and recenter our worlds. 

We are both out of shape though. We used to be able to knock out 22 miles (easily) in a day. So, we have decided to hit a trail any time it is nice enough to head outdoors. This last week, while the eastern part of the nation was being pounded with snow, we were living the high life in 50-60 degree weather. 

We would take the snow though. We bought snowshoes at the beginning of winter and have not had the chance to use them. The snow that we have had was not enough to snowshoe in, and the snow that is left is icy because it has gone through several cycles of being warm enough to melt one day and then being in the negatives the next. I am not a huge fan of a frigid winter with no snow. 

The Random...

The logging company has been through our woods marking trees to be cut down. I understand the purpose of logging, and to some extent I support it because we have felt the tragedy of forest fires in our are. Still, it hurts to know so many trees will be missing one day. 

The Fun...

The sun is still setting rather early here, so we often find ourselves running out of light when we hike. I do not normally mind that, but since we know there are mountain lions roaming our paths I am not  a huge fan to find myself walking along one at dusk. But still, to miss this view and the sunset is also heartbreaking. I think I'll just have to toughen up and be brave; not to mention buy some bear spray. 

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