Life Thru the Lens 45/52.... Thanksgiving

There seems to be a phenomenon in our world of allowing each holiday to inch forward throughout the year. To be honest, it bothers me. It bothers me that Thanksgiving seems to be trudged upon more and more by Christmas each year; to the point of hardly acknowledging that a season of thankfulness even exists. And, I understand. It is Christmas after all, my favorite holiday of the season. But, I am finding myself pulled closer toward Thanksgiving with each passing season of my life. There is a real need in our society to find the multitudes of blessings among the masses of turmoil. 

However, I do not think one needs Christmas to find that very real, and tangible, grace called thankfulness. And, honestly, that is not what Christmas is about anyway. It's not about our blessing, but His gift. 

So, I find myself grasping hold of this challenge of mine in #findingfall, in searching for the multitudes in this season of thankfulness. 

~ Finding color when I thought I would miss it this year

~ Part two of our senior photo session... fall

~ Walking into a small local coffee shop and suddenly feeling right at home

~ Leaning into this season of discombobulation and releasing my need for control

~ Sunny Days...

~ Listening to the wisp of the bow, as The Thinker practices his archery, and I practice my macro

~ Watching as the turkeys strut their stuff across the yard

~ Baby deer and their mommas heading into the winter season

~ Listening to the squirrels as they forage and prepare for the snow season ahead

~ The first threat of snow... music to me ears

~ Finding my muse again and letting her take over my creative spirit

A few little tips.... 

  • all of these photos were spot on sooc... try to obtain that in your photography, then the editing process will be so much more fun. 
  • to obtain the dreamy bokeh in these shots I used my dedicated macro lens on an f-stop of about 8-11. I find that to be the best focal plane to be able to capture enough of the subject without sacrificing the bokeh. 
  • on the 2nd and 4th photos, I changed my perspective to find the least amount of clutter in my background. 

I'll be visiting these lovely communities this week... join along... Trough My Lens Monday, Our World TuesdayTexture Twist,  Wednesday Around the World, Mona's Picturesque and Sweet Shot Tuesday

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