Life Thru the Lens 15/52.... what's on my bookshelf: Tips on Paying Less for Books

I have to admit, although I love the feel of a book in my hands, most of the books I read are digital versions. Storage and weight have always been a concern, since I move often, so a digital library is the best option for me. I never pay full price for a book, well almost never. Sometimes, I splurge on my love of literature and purchase a book for the full price, but mostly... 

... Tips on Paying Less for Books:

Tips on Paying Less for Books | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

1. I follow sites that tell readers about Kindle book deals. My favorite site is Modern Mrs. Darcy. She has an active list of her suggestions for Kindle Deals on her site, or you can sign up for her Kindle Deals email and have them directly sent to your inbox. I also love perusing The Library on her site which includes, The Card Catalogue a listing of reviews on books she has read, and Circulation Desk a collection of blog posts new and old. 

2. I forage Amazon myself for great book deals. This is my usual Saturday morning relaxation time. I (mainly) look heavily at the beginning of the month and at the middle of the month. When I find a book I am interested in, I always look at "What Other Customers also Bought". I can almost always find another book on sale by browsing that section. 

3. I belong to Kindle First a fantastic program where Kindle Prime members can read upcoming publications for free. The selection is limited, you can only choose one a month, and it is only open to U.S. residents. 

4. Then there is KindleUnlimited, which up until now I have not been extremely interested in. I did try it once, but found their selection to be paltry when it came to books I would actually read. However, lately I have noticed quite a few books I would be interested in, so I am considering another go around. It would be well worth the 10 dollar fee a month, if I could find (say) four books to read. 

Tips on Paying Less for Books | Life Thru the Lens | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Why Kindle you ask? No, this is not a promotional post. Why Kindle, because we are on a budget, and I am cheap. I love to read but I have a hard time spending full price on books. I have looked into other digital reading programs, but I haven't been able to find the same bargains there. However, if you are not a Kindle fan....

There is always the bargain aisle of the bookstore. You might consider joining your bookstores rewards program. I do belong to a rewards program, which I did pay to join, but have more than recouped the cost by my rare splurge, and for christmas presents, birthday presents, or little gifts here and there. 

Of course another true value is your public library. I believe in public libraries so much so that I often donate the hard copy books I have purchased to them. And, did you know most public libraries now belong to digital libraries that you can borrow books from?

What are you reading right now, any suggestions for me? 


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