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Life Thru the Lens 14/52.... back to still life, pursuing your photography passion

I love still life photography. I find pause in the creative nature of building props to compose a story in photo. Over the last few months my still photography has stagnated for several reasons... lighting, having all my props stored in a bin, lack of creativity, lack of inspiration. I have found, in our transition, that I am a creature who is invigorated by having all my things around me. Creativity comes as I pass a prop and the light is splashed across it so softly that I must capture it, then and there. Our circumstances will change, and eventually we will be in our own home, but until then I am finding that I have to pursue still life photography. Pursuing something is not always bad. Matter of fact, I feel as though I grow more in my art if I have to actively pursue it. 

Questions Answered:

Q. Where do you find your backgrounds?

A. At craft stores, and often enough hardware stores. I found cheese cloth extremely cheap at a hardware store. It comes in larges pieces, which is fantastic for backgrounds of for mingling among my props for texture. 

Q. Where do you find your props.

A. Everywhere, but I love the dollar aisle at a certain retail chain with a huge target of a sign. {Wink, Wink} I also love junk stores and antique stores. I have found most of my linens at junk stores. Buyer beware, if the tag is pinned to the cloth be sure to take it off yourself so that the owner of the store does not rip it off. Sigh. 

Q. What lens do you use.

A. My 50mm. I have tried other lenses, but I always come back to my 50mm 1.8. 

WHAT ARE YOU ACTIVELY PURSUING IN YOUR LIFE? Tell me about it in the comments. 

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