finding color in winter, friday randomness 2:52

It's hard to find color in the winter. When you live in a land of monotone browns it is easy to feel blah and underwhelmed. I was searching for color in my archives when I came across these photos. Technically, I took them right at the end of winter, but still I love them.

I love them because they are full of color.

I love them because they are SOOC- straight out of the camera. (With the exception of a slight vignette on the potatoes, and a quick straightening of the market scales)

I love them because I remember this day. I snapped quickly, and moved through the crowd looking for interest. In a effort to control the light, I used Aperture Priority. I was just reading a feed on Facebook about this topic; whether it was cheating to use some of your presets in camera. The consensus from some fabulously talented photographers, no it is not cheating. And, I agree. Sometimes, it is nice to be immersed in your surroundings, not your camera settings.

Today I am joining Friday Finds, and Little Things Thursday