LTTL 10:52... a crazy busy week

Last week was a bit crazy on the schedule part. We went from never leaving the house, to having appointments a couple times a day. Needless to say, Life Thru the Lens and Random Friday went by the wayside, right along with linking up and visiting other sites.

However, I am learning that it is good to give ourselves grace when life hits us in the face. It's good to linger a little bit longer in a book, or to sit in the sun just a moment to soak it up; you know that those tiny specks of time are way more useful to your emotional state of mind, than to immerse yourself into the cyber world during every single morsel of a moment found.

I did manage to create two works of art, in my opinion. I'll share my first creation here today and the second one on Friday. And, if I have the chance, I think I might unpack a bit more of our years in Europe as well.

Until the rest of the unpacking begins, I think I'll have a little tea...

{For app happy Wednesday... edited on VSCO.}

I worked on my prompt(s) for my photography class this week. One of the prompts was dinner plate... where I had to take a top down shot, with no more than 5 organic items on my plate. I know this is literal, especially compared to some of the fantastic shots that others put forth, but I like the literal approach.

My next prompt was stacked. I decided for this shot I wanted to try my hand at two types of light, a more dark and moody lighting, and back-lit.

I was inspired by a post from a few weeks back, by a very creative Brenda K. I wish I could show you the shot. It was amazing. My shots do not compare... but, for my first attempt at moody with shadows, I am pretty happy.

{Both photos were edited using KK Dreamlike Preset with a few hand edits.}

I've decided to work in two different size formats for my still life photography... 4x5 and square. It definitely makes me stop to think about room to crop and perspective; I needed a good photography challenge.

{Photos edited with KK Today Preset, with some minor hand tweaks}

I love the idea of a montage, so, I created these back-lit shots with that in mind. I have to say, when I shot them I loved them, but when I downloaded and edited these photos I wished I had taken them all face-on. Now, I can see why it would be nice to have a laptop connected to my camera to see real-time views. The editing bothers me a bit as well. I think I'll go back and crop the two middle photos so that the boards on the first three photos are on the same horizontal plain. I think the last photo works because the horizontal plain of the board would fall into the same eye level as the top of the towel on the cookbook.

Good photo screams perfection. And, although it seems like a ton to achieve, I think if you are aspiring to do something with your work you have to begin to look at all aspects of photography and not just what it is that you like about the photo. As a creative spirit, I think it is a challenge to create a piece of work that screams "she did that" but also falls into the whelm of customized perfection. Hmmm... I think I might love that kind of challenge.

The bottom set is also for my stacked prompt... I plan to share one of these on my Instagram feed for THE COLOR OF THE MONTH CHALLENGE... which is red.

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I always feel a little sad when I cannot make it to every site to visit with you all. Sorry about that. I'll catch up this week and come visit you all :-). But, I know, you know what life can be like; I know you all have grace abundantly.

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