Designs by Lisa Kerner
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Designs by Lisa Kerner
Graphic Design | Digital Artistry | Fine Art Photography

My story didn’t begin in The Black Hills though!


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Branding | Identity | Designs by Lisa Kerner

Branding & Identity

We are here to tell your story to the world through branding and identity designs.

Book Covers | Designs by Lisa Kerner

Book COvers

We are here to create custom covers for your stories, because we all know books ARE judged by their covers.

Illustrations | Designs by Lisa Kerner


We are here to create illustrations that explain the story of your business.

Whether it's branding and identity, book covers, or illustrations we focus on the design so you can focus on the business | Designs by Lisa Kerner | Graphic Design | Rapid City | South Dakota
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Stick it to Yuh

Stick it to Yuh | Coming Soon |  Designs by Lisa Kerner

It all started when…

I was a kid and stickers where a hot commodity at the doctors office, the dentist, or even school. I especially loved the scratch-n-sniff ones. I liked smelly markers too, but that is a story for another day. I still have a love for stickers today, although I have gotten over my scratch-n-sniff obsession, so I decided to turn my love into a passion project.

Stick it to Yuh is a sticker company who believes in positive vibes, throwing down a little slang now and then, and fulfilling our lust for an adventure through the wandering road.

Positive Vibes: Pass it On | Coming Soon | Designs by Lisa Kerner

Positive Vibes: Pass it on Collection

Slang Thang | Coming Soon | Designs by Lisa Kerner

Slang Thang Collection

Wandering Road | Coming Soon | Designs by Lisa Kerner

Wandering Road Collection


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