I am Lisa

I’ve been a vagabond my entire life. It’s true. I loved one military man growing up, my dad. Then I married a military man and in the process of loving those two men I lived around the world, never really planting roots anywhere. The only constant I have had in my vagabond life is, you guessed it, art. My journey as a visual artist began when I was six and asked for a weaving loom for Christmas. Santa let me down bad that year because there was no weaving loom under the tree. So, as any great artist would do, I took matters into my own hands and crafted my first loom out of cardboard and my art journey began.

Fast forward and I now have a B.S. in Graphic Design and Communications with a double minor in Art and Photography. I am happiest when I am creating so most days you will find me in my studio crafting whimsical worlds for custom book covers, sketching out designs for branding identities, or creating flat vector illustrations for marketing materials.

If you don’t find me in my studio you are bound to see me hiking the trails of the beautiful Black Hills, or tucked in a corner of a coffee shop reading a fantastical book.


At Designs by Lisa Kerner we live, work, and play by three mottos…

Designs by Lisa Kerner Motto 1

there is always a story to find.

Designs by Lisa Kerner Motto 2

the imagination is the most powerful tool.

Designs by Lisa Kerner Motto 3

The true value of life lies in the relationships that are created throughout the journey.


At Designs by Lisa Kerner it’s our goal to cultivate a relationship with you in order to create an imaginative custom design that tells the story of your business.

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